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Montenegro's roads will take you on a journey through the varied landscape, culture and nature of this small, lovable country. On the wild and romantic mountains of the north there is a lot to discover.

Don't miss your chance to ride one of the best tours you can have on Balkan. Very few touristic places, lots of good secondary roads with fantastic serpentines, a variety of local food, drinks, cultures.

If you want to feel Montenegro full-scope, feel sharp contrast of nature of South and North of country, than our big 9-day tour is what you need!
It looks like Montenegro was specially created for comfortable motorcycle trips. Unique scenic mountain serpentine roads, where it is so fun to make turns, smooth roads, incredible landscapes, canyons, national parks, mountain lakes, rivers, and sea – all of that will swirl your brain and blow your mind!
Fairly big portions of really tasty meals will help you to recharge your power and shot of local home-made brandy-rakija will be good final of the day.
Our routes will touch you to the harts, and nature of Montenegro will amaze you by its diversity.
Also we add a part of Albania and it's fabulous Theth NP to make your experience outstanding. 


Key tour highlights: Kotor, Lovcen, Durmitor, Plav, Tara, Moraca, Theth, Kolasin, Biogradska gora, Skadar lake, Sveti Stefan, Budva, Boka-Kotor bay

Total: Duration of the tour is 9 days, 1450 km. 6 riding days + 1 rest day + 2 days for arrival/departure.

Day 1: We are gathering in the heart of Montenegro's marine recreation, the city of Budva. We are ready to provide you with a transfer from the airports of Tivat (25 km) or Podgorica (65 km). After the receiving the motorbikes you will sign the documents. We set up the motorbikes for you and do a short briefing. Later we have a general dinner and rest. After dinner you can spend some time visiting the old town of Budva, take a stroll along the promenade or get some sleep before the ride.  We are kindly asking you to plan your arrival at the airport by 3 p.m. so you have time to prepare for your tour.
Day 2: We are starting along the coast to see the island-hotel Sveti Stefan. Then we will take the old Austrian road to a small quiet fishing town Rijeka Crnoeviča. We will admire the views of the river flowing into Lake Skadar and through the old capital of Cetinje we will drive to Lovćen Mountain with the best views of the Bay of Kotor, also known as the Boka.
We will drive down by the famous serpentine to Kotor. There we will have a short walk through the old town.  We finish the day with a trip around the bay and then stay overnight in the secluded place in Grahovo.
Day 3: The road to the north is waiting for us and on the way we will see Slano Lake and stop at Kapetanovo lake located at the altitude of 1678 meters. Through the Krnovo wind park we visit the Nevidio Canyon. We will have a lunch in the eco-village near the canyon.
Passing through Durmitor National Park further, we will enjoy the views of Nedajno Canyon and the impressive fields of Trsa. Afterwards we will have dinner with meat on the saj pan and spend the night with an awesome view of another canyon. 
Day 4: In the morning we will see the highest dam in Europe on the artificial lake of Piva. Dozens of tunnels in the rocks called "Montenegrin subway" and the main places of Durmitor - Prutas mountain and The Sedlo pass. After lunch and some rest we will visit Djurdjevica Tara Bridge and Tara River canyon. In the evening we will come to Kolasin for overnight stay. 
Day 5: A rest day from the equipment and driving the motorcycle on serpentines. We will walk around the lake in Biogradska Gora National Park surrounded by relict plants. After that a delicious lunch with the national dish kachamak, ski elevator and jeep tour are waiting for us. 
Day 6: Well-rested we are going to drive through the canyon of the Moraca River, which speed can be more than 100 km/h and the road along the river is meandering and stunningly magnificent. Before reaching the capital of Montenegro we take the panoramic road around Korita to enjoy the view of Albania from the point of Grlo Sokolovo. We take a desert road to the small town of Plav located in Prokletije National Park. 
Day 7: At first we will visit the Grebae Valley and then we arriving to Albania. We are going to visit the Thethi National Park, admire the mountains of Prokletije National Park from the Albania side. Afterwards we return to the capital of Montenegro to get some rest.
Day 8: We will drive back to the coast through Lake Skadar National Park. Our road will go along the shore at the height of bird flight. After crossing the passage we will drive to 14 km volcanic sand spit. We will have a little walk in Ulcinj fortress with eastern flavor and then drive back to Budva through the port town Bar.
Day 9: returning of motorbikes, transfer to the airport. 

Yes, in all our tours you canparticipate with your bike

3-6 customers + 1 guide riding bike
or 2 guides if customers are more

BMW F750GS, F850GS, R1250GS

We use secondary roads in 80% of time. Sometimes we ride
highways when there are no other alternatives.

Most of our tours are asphalted and don't require any off-road riding
skills. Sometimes we use unpaved roads, but usually these are short
10-20 km. sections.

For those who are interested in off-road adventures we know good
guys in Montenegro who can make off-road tour.

As most of the expenses are included every day in most tours
(breakfasts, toll roads, excursion, etc.) you
need small money for lunch, vine, beer, snacks, some personal expenses.
On average 30-50 Euro will be more than enough.

In tours we stay in 3-4* hotels that were carefully selected to show
you regions specifics.

Yes, we have two options for the bike insurance. When you get bike,
you either pay a 1000-2200 Euro deposit and that is max amount
you can lose (if the bike's damages cost less than your deposit we
will pay you the difference back). Or you can buy VIP-insurance with no deposit at all.

Riding season is open from middle April till October, but we ride all
year if weather is good.

Because all our tours are round you can leave your bags in the hotel
or in our office.

Yes, something we have (helmets, gloves, jackets, pants) but it's better to bring your own if you have it.

In most cases its usual riding gear – pants and jacket, helmet and
motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes with the wind stopper material.
Based on the tour that you are going to ride we can advise to take
some specific things with you.