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Мы создали для вас четырехдневный тур по невероятной северной части Черногории.

Для меня, как создателя туров и большого фаната природы этой страны, всегда было разочарованием, что люди на мотоциклах и просто приезжающие проскакивают всю Черногорию галопом вдоль побережья за один день и считают что они посетили эту страну, всего лишь поставив очередную галочку.
Я же хочу познакомить вас с настоящей Черногорией - ее суровыми пейзажами, глубокими каньонами, бирюзовыми водохранилищами, реликтовыми лесами и высокогорными озерами. Нетронутая природа в центре Европы словно маленькое чудо. Этот тур я особенно рекомендую всем, кто ограничен по времени и не может посетить остальные "большие туры".

Ключевые места: НацПарк Дурмитор, река и озеро Пива, коньон и река Камарница, Каньон реки Тара, Колашин, НацПарк Проклетье, озеро Плав, национальный парк Биоградска гора.

Цена в ЕВРО:

Moto Driver
BMW F 750 GS 1150
BMW F 850 GS 1200
BMW F 1250 GS 1350
На своем мотоцикле 860
+ Пассажир 590
+ Одноместное размещение 160



Montenegro's north roads will take you on a journey through the varied landscape, culture and nature of this small, lovable country. On the wild and romantic mountains of the north there is a lot to discover.

Don't miss your chance to ride one of the best tours you can have on Balkan. Very few touristic places, lots of good secondary roads with fantastic serpentines, a variety of local food, drinks, cultures.

1 day: Lets do not lose time – we will drive up from Budva to Pluzine straight to the North, probably the most beautiful points of Montenegro. We will continue our journey via Piva Lake rocky coast up to border of Bosna and Hercegovina, where Tara and Piva rivers getting together to create Drina river. We will visit one of the biggest dams in Europe – Mratinje. By hidden roads we will get to Nationa Park Durmitor from its undiscovered northern side. We will approach Zhabljak and full of impressions and emotions will sleep well surrounded by pine trees.

2 day: Full of power we will continue to discover National Park Durmitor and will drive famous road via Sedlo pass, Prutas mount and Trsa village. Hurricane of landscapes will swirl around us: lakes, canyons, peaks... Next stop on stunning and unique bridge Djurdjevic over Tara river with ZIP lines. Tasty lunch at Eko Farm, and recharged we will drive to Plevlja town.

3 day: Today we will follow scenic route will see hidden treasure – meanders of Chehotina river. Keep drive over enjoyable routes to Moraca river and more to Beogradska Gora national Park with relict forest.
Than we will make final roll to the east, and along border with Kosovo and Albania we will get back to southern areas of Montenegro, We will do it via Plav lake and another National Park on our way – Prokletje.
Night we will spend in Plan - little nice mountain town.

4 Day: After breakfast with boosted power will make few circles around beautiful and highest peaks of Montenegro. As final we will have way down via deepest canyons to our base point in Budva

Experienced motorcycle tour guide

Motorbike rental - latest models BMW F850, BMW F750GS, BMW R1250GS

4 nights of accommodation in quality local lodges or boutique hotels – mostly 4 stars

Breakfast and Lunch in traditional restaurants.

Non-alcoholic beverage included.

Motorbike Insurance

Transfer from and to the Tivat/Podgorica

Trip Excludes:

Airline tickets, tolls, beverages, dinners

Traffic violation penalty tickets

Entrances to National and Nature Parks, Ferry tickets