Motorcycle Rental in Montenegro

We could tell you what a wonderful country Montenegro is. Try to describe how “unforgettable” and “once-in-a-lifetime” experience you would get traveling through this country by motorcycle following our “unique routes”, because “motorcycles are our passion” that we are willing to share with you to make you feel heart palpitation…

But the truth is that we don’t have a salesman who could write texts using flowery language and fine words.

What we do have is a fleet of great motorcycles fresh, loaded with options, and in mint condition with low mileage. They come with not only third-party liability insurance but CDW (albeit with a deductible) to minimize your risks.

We’ve got all the equipment and riding gear you need on the road (except boots – we’re still figuring out how to sanitize them after renting). We are also able to provide technical and other support if something happens on the road (hopefully not). Optional delivery of motorcycles covers Montenegro and neighboring countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Albania.

Our service is top-notch – fast, hassle-free, clear, convenient, and honest. Our pricing is clear and transparent – we never keep any major information hidden nor do we try to charge additional payments on our guests. We won’t charge for scratches on crash guards as for new parts. We do not indicate prices in a “starting at” manner. We intend to give a clear cost and provide details on what’s included.

We know a lot about the roads in Montenegro and we share it with you on this page. If you wish to – we will help you to create a route or modify one to suit better your needs, preferences, skills, and timelines. If you are interested in useful information about Montenegro – we have put them together in this guide.

If you wish to engage a private guide for yourself or your tight-knit group – we provide one.

However, it should be noted that we don’t gather groups of random people with different skill levels. We see no fun in it, so we don’t have common tours and calendars.

Got outstanding questions? Feel free to reach out to us in any way that suits you. As for the fine words to share about Montenegro, save them for later – maybe in reviews on Google Maps. Please don’t forget to mention our service!

About us

We are a motorcycle rental agency and also provide tailor-made tours in Montenegro and the Balkans. We pride ourselves on high-level of customer service and have a fleet of brand-new adventure, roadster, and modern classic motorcycles with comprehensive insurance.