Montenegro + SH20 road in Albania

Montenegro’s roads will take you on a journey through the varied landscape, culture, and nature of this small, lovable country. On the wild and romantic mountains of the north, there is a lot to discover.

Don’t miss your chance to ride one of the best tours you can have on Balkan. Very few tourist places, lots of good secondary roads with fantastic serpentines, and a variety of local food, drinks, and cultures.

Our routes will touch you to the heart, and the nature of Montenegro will amaze you with its diversity.
Also, we added a part of Albania and its fabulous SH20 to make your experience outstanding. Also, I highly recommend adding Theth NP in Albania by the asphalt road SH21.

In the description, we only cover the places you can visit in the north of Montenegro. The route depends a lot on your skills, preferences, and driving pace. We share recommendations about places that should not be missed. But whether to explore Montenegro only for a couple of days or a week, or even more, is up to you. This is just one of the itinerary options for exploring Montenegro, you don’t have to rigidly follow it. There is always something to add and something to take away.

Since we drive ourselves all the time, we know about all the new roads and places. Write to us and we will help you to make a route based on your preferences.

Each day is designed for 5-5.5 riding hours. On any of the days, there is something to exclude in case of bad weather. Considering lunches, breaks and stops this is a normal density of riding. The end of the route is chosen so that decent accommodation can be found. Of course, there are moments and stops that you will not find without a guide, but in general, you will be able to form an idea of the country.

The only thing missing is the national park Prokletje, there is also something to do there for a day, especially if you have the opportunity to visit Albania.

On any day you can add tracks on gravel and fields, but it is a separate work, so you can stretch the route for a couple of weeks.

After the third day, you can leave for Bosnia and Herzegovina and add a couple of days of skating rinks with overnight stays in Sarajevo and Mostar.

 1st day (Sv. Stefan, Bar, Ulcin, Skadar NP, Rijeka Crnojevica)

 2nd day (Delaj, Grlo Sokolovo, Bukumirsko jezero, Moraca canyon, Kolasin)

 2nd-day alternative with Albania  (SH20 panoramic road, Prokletje NP,   Moraca canyon, Kolasin)

 3d day (Biogradska gora NP, Đurđevića Tara Bridge, Tara canyon, Durmitor, Nedajno, Mratinje dam, Piva lake)

 4th day (Durmitor, Trsa, Sedlo pass, Prtas,  Savnik, Kapetanovo lake, Niksic)

 5th day (Ostrog, Boka-Kotor bay, Risan, Perast, Kotor, Kotor’s serpentine, Lovcen NP, Cetinje, Budva)