Paved roads in Montenegro

WARNING: the road from Đurđevića Tara Bridge to Mojkovac is CLOSED for repair work in season 2024. At times it will be possible to get through, but it is better to plan another way!

Montenegro boasts many beautiful asphalt roads. Even small villages have paved roads leading to them, and there are paved roads to many beautiful places. However, during the peak season, the southern motorway Jadranske Highway can be congested, and the quality of the asphalt is not always good. The roads can be extremely slippery in the south, especially during the heat or rain. If you use secondary narrow roads, be cautious of closed corners, rocks, and sand.

Generally, the roads in Montenegro are safe and the people are welcoming and helpful.

If you’re planning to travel in Montenegro, it’s best not to plan on riding more than 200-300 km per day. The roads are slow, with numerous serpentines and narrow switchbacks, but the views are beautiful and worth stopping to savor. The service is not rushed, and the average speed is slow, so you may get tired quickly. Keep in mind that there are roads where you won’t drive even a minute in a straight line, and usually, all the most beautiful things are on those roads.

On the other hand, driving in Montenegro requires skill and ability, especially serpentine roads. But it is a real pleasure for technical and adventure riders and cruising motorcycle lovers.

The page is currently in active update, please feel free to write to me in case of questions – I will answer as much as possible.

There is an itinerary for five days covering the main, but not all, roads in Montenegro and an extended version for 8 riding days with some parts of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The best way to explore Durmitor by asphalt roads

Highlights: Durmitor, Sedlo Pass, Prutash, Piva Lake, Susica Canyon and Lake, Mratinje Dam and Bridge, Nedajno, Komarnica, Mala Crna Gora, Trsa,  Piva Canyon, Nevidio Canyon,  Black Lake, Zabljak, Waterfall Skakavica

Durmitor National Park is one of the most iconic places to visit in Montenegro by motorcycle. It is truly breathtaking. You can find off-road roads in it, but there are also a lot of paved asphalt roads and more and more every year. Every half an hour the landscape changes completely and it’s as if you are transported from one planet to another. Mountain peaks, glacial lakes, coniferous forests and desert fields change each other.

Depending on the season, weather conditions and direction of travel, the views can be completely different. I have traveled its roads hundreds of times and each time it could surprise me.

I prefer to drive the proposed route counterclockwise, I find the road more interesting that way.

On the attached map I have left two remarks, important for those who will drive for the first time:

 Google maps
GPS data


The border with Bosnia is marked. The path lies along the border, and although it passes by a checkpoint on the Montenegrin side – don’t worry, you are not leaving Montenegro.

If you go clockwise – no need to wait in line at the border, bypass it. Wave your hand to the customs officer and say that you are going towards Durmitor. You will be let through, after 50 meters you will see a barrier – you can drive to the right of it if you have not been opened. Do not go left over the bridge – this is the border with Bosnia.

If you are traveling counterclockwise, when you get to the barrier, drive around to the left or press the button to be let in. Drive straight up to the border guard and tell him you are coming from the Durmitor side. He will see you. Do not wait in line for passport control.


The correct paved road is marked in red. Google, unfortunately, does not know it. If you ride counterclockwise you will see a fork, go straight on the signs, and do not turn 90 degrees to the left as Google says. The whole road will be asphalt.

If you are riding clockwise, go straight to the Durmitor sign. Do not turn right.

The road that Google says is also there, but it is gravel and can be rough after rain.

From the sea to the north by the eastern route

Highlights: Risan Old Serpentine, Grahovac, Slano Lake, Kapetanov Lake, Kronovo wind farm, Savnik Serpentine, Ostrog Monastery


GPS data 

Fast enough and fast enough except for the road to Kapetanovo Lake.

The entire road has been paved since 22. But to avoid going off the asphalt carefully follow my route. From Kapetanovo Lake if to let google.maps to plan a route, it will lead by a gravel shortcut (MARK 1). But in general this section is passable for heavy touring enduros with average riding skills.

From Niksic you can go to Ostrog – a monastery in the rock.

There will be no cellular on Kapetanov Lake (data as of 2024). The lake itself is not as magical as the road to it.


A coastal route for one day.

Highlights: Bay of Kotor, Kotor serpentine, Sveti Stefan, Budva, Perast, Risan, Rijeka Crnojevica, Cetinje, Njegusi, Skadar, Petrovac
GPS data

Although the route is only 200km, it’s a full day’s ride. In peak season it is complicated by traffic jams and tourist traffic. Have a supply of water with you. Believe me it can be very hot. The views are amazing. If not in a hurry and with visiting historical sites and walks, it is better to break it into a couple of days and combine it with the next route.

Another one-day route. Skadar Lake and the southernmost part

Highlights: Sveti Stefan, Rijeka Crnojevica, Ulcinj, Bar, Ada Bojana


GPS data

Although part of this itinerary overlaps with the previous route, it is done so if only one option has to be chosen. In the case of two days, this part is easily replaced.

The route runs quite high above the lake and the sea. And lies close to the cliff. Not recommended for the particularly impressionable 😉

Ada Boyana is one of the oldest nudist villages in Europe. Not a must-see. I recommend a walk around the fortress of Ulcinj. Among other things on the route lies the entrance to an abandoned tunnel from the narrow gauge railroad, which is sometimes asked. But cows can hide inside in the heat and won’t let you through.

An extended circle around Korita. Grlo Sokolovo.

Highlights: Grlo Sokolovo, Bukumirsko Lake, Kolasin, Moraca Canyon, Medun, Podgorica


Cool route including two interesting options to get from Podgorica to Kolasin avoiding the highway. There are a couple more, but one of them is an offroad section of the TET, and the other is very slow and not that scenic.

Grlo Sokolovo Point is an equipped observation deck above the canyon overlooking the SH20 road that runs through Albania. It’s a 15-minute walk to the site, but it’s worth it. You can also ride a touring enduro with average skills.

Bukumirsko Lake the last 500 meters is also a gravel road, but not difficult and I recommend getting there. It is possible not to drive in and enjoy the views from the top, then only asphalt.
Kolaszyn is a ski resort that works and in summer you can ride the ski elevator and have a delicious meal in the national restaurant, as well as decent hotels. You can drive on the stunning off-road roads in the area or hire a jeep.

From Kolasin to Podgorica, drive back along the Moraca River canyon, a view road with the river running below.