Glad to inform you that now we have possibility to rent you different equipment to make your ride or tour more comfortable and safety.

Premium Helmet (Schuberth C4) and Tour Helmets (LS2).
Jackets and pants (Revit Tornado 3, Alpinestars Viper V3 Air, IXS X-Tour)
Gloves, rain-suits

Navigation Garmin Zumo XT

Action camera Gopro HERO 11, DJI Action 3

Tour-Enduro Helmet (LS2 MX436 Pioneer Evo)1 included, 10 euro for another one
Premium Helmet (Schuberth C4)15
Glovesfree add to helmet
Side panniers10
TopBoxicluded in price
mobile phone holder & USB plugicluded in price
Taxes and insuranceicluded in price
Riding gear: Jackets (REVIT, Alpienstar, IXS), rainsuits10 (min 20 – max 80)
Riding gear: Trouser (REVIT, Alpienstar, IXS), rainsuits10 (min 20 – max 80)
Rainsuit AcerbisOnly for sale 50 EURO
Electronics: ActionCam (GoPro 11, DJI Action 3), GPS-Navi (Garmin Zumo XT)10 (min 20)