Just follow the rabbit

If you don’t want to make a route yourself or adapt our route to your driving style, figure out where you can make it in time and where you can’t. If you don’t even want to follow the navigator’s instructions, we can offer you a guide for you or your group.

This offer is for one day only. It starts with any place you choose in Montenegro. During the day the guide will adjust to your pace and requests, make more frequent stops for photos or on the contrary choose technical sections for pure driving pleasure. He may take you past traffic or rain (if possible) and return you to your desired point.

In case you want to hire a guide for several days – each case is considered separately as it requires more complex planning, preparation, overnight stays away from home and coordination with his wife, of course 🙂

Prices include everything the guide will need during the day: motorcycle, gasoline, meals, entrances to national parks, and toll roads. 

Number of rented motorcyclesPrice (Euro per day)
4+1 )))