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Very easy: just relax and follow our guide )

Number of rented motorcycles Price (Euro per day)
4+ 1 )))
3 70
2 125
1 175
0 250

Yes, in all our tours you canparticipate with your bike

3-6 customers + 1 guide riding bike
or 2 guides if customers are more

BMW F750GS, F850GS, R1250GS

We use secondary roads in 80% of time. Sometimes we ride
highways when there are no other alternatives.

Most of our tours are asphalted and don't require any off-road riding
skills. Sometimes we use unpaved roads, but usually these are short
10-20 km. sections.

For those who are interested in off-road adventures we know good
guys in Montenegro who can make off-road tour.

As most of the expenses are included every day in most tours
(breakfasts, toll roads, excursion, etc.) you
need small money for lunch, vine, beer, snacks, some personal expenses.
On average 30-50 Euro will be more than enough.

In tours we stay in 3-4* hotels that were carefully selected to show
you regions specifics.

Yes, we have two options for the bike insurance. When you get bike,
you either pay a 1000-2200 Euro deposit and that is max amount
you can lose (if the bike's damages cost less than your deposit we
will pay you the difference back). Or you can buy VIP-insurance with no deposit at all.

Riding season is open from middle April till October, but we ride all
year if weather is good.

Because all our tours are round you can leave your bags in the hotel
or in our office.

Yes, something we have (helmets, gloves, jackets, pants) but it's better to bring your own if you have it.

In most cases its usual riding gear – pants and jacket, helmet and
motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes with the wind stopper material.
Based on the tour that you are going to ride we can advise to take
some specific things with you.